CLLR JACKIE HOOK, District Councillor for Bushell Ward, writes:

A writer in your July 20n edition, suggested that Teignbridge Council install solar panels above our car parks in Newton Abbot. Mention was also made of the Market Hall roof.

I agree and we as Lib Dems made that commitment in our recent election manifesto. The Council already has a number of solar installations on our buildings including on Market Walk, Forde House,

Broadmeadow Sports Centre and The Lido in Teignmouth. These are helping to reduce the Council’s carbon footprint and reduce energy costs.

Our car parks provide further opportunities for generating renewable energy and we also need to rapidly increase the number of EV chargers in the town and throughout the District.

We have made a number of ambitious manifesto pledges relating to the environment, climate change, affordable housing, community involvement, business, leisure, planning, rural areas, public services etc. We were the only Party that set out a detailed local manifesto. Doing so gives residents a clear idea of what we intend to do, and something by which we and you can use to hold us to account.

Our manifesto commitments were based on extensive resident surveys that we undertake on a regular basis where we ask what issues matter to residents. Again I believe we are the only Party that does these surveys regularly throughout each year, not just a couple of months before elections.

If you would like to read our manifesto it can be found on our webpage

It is ambitious but if you see commitments that you agree with and feel you can help us be part of delivering then please do get in touch. It is important that we continue to work with our communities to deliver these positive changes for all.