MAKE sure you vote on Thursday, in the local elections.

Who will get your vote in the Shaldon & Stokeinteignhead Ward of Teignbridge Council, where one candidate will be your next councillor?

Here's some information on each of the candidates:


Chris Clarance is again seeking re-election to both Teignbridge District Council and Shaldon Parish Council as an independent candidate this time.Chris first stood for Teignbridge in 2003 as an independent back then and it could be said he is returning to his roots as he fights for causes he believes are right for his constituents, one especially being the saving of Teignmouth Hospital from closure. In his time he has been a past Chairman of Teignbridge District Council, serving as Vice Chairman this year and Chris will use his considerable experience to achieve what he believes to be the right outcomes to benefit his constituents where possible.


KATHRYN Cox has lived in Shaldon all her life. She is a Sports Therapist, gaining BSc from the University of St Mark and St John. 

Kathryn would like to see more opportunities for young people in the district.  

Kathryn says: ‘I believe I can bring fresh thinking, with energy and commitment, to the role councillor.’ 

Kathryn learnt to swim at Teignmouth Lido, she was a lifeguard at te Lido during the university holidays, she is really pleased that the Teignbridge Climate Change officer won a grant to decarbonise the heating system of the Lido, saving the popular swimming pool. Kathryn is dismayed that some people question the employment of the Climate Change officer - surely the saving of the Lido is justification enough.

Katheryn supports the campaign to Save Teignmouth Hospital. 


I live in the Teign estuary, and our children grew up in South Devon. My professional and academic training encompass education, law, journalism, politics and wellbeing. Early in my life, I was a campaign manager in Florida for President Bill Clinton. Later wrote for The New York Times and The Wall-Street Journal. Back in the UK, I studied Law at Exeter University, and I currently work for the security of local food production, farming, and countryside communities. 

I am standing for Teignbridge because our generation has had enough of political systems which break their social contract, and work against individuals and nature. Our precious local governance is our best and only option for the betterment of the county and country. 


I HAVE lived in this area for many years and love it, but I do see the challenges that living in a mainly rural area brings.  

I work voluntarily for Teign Aid, which provides advice and support for those in danger of becoming homeless or having difficulty over finances.

I see how hard it is for young people to rent or buy locally and live in the area they grew up in. 

We need to cap the number of Air B and Bs and second homes in this area, so that rents are not inflated, affordable homes left to buy, and a heart in the community. 

I recognise the need for bus services that really work for people and am prepared to lobby DCC and work with smaller companies.  

I am also shocked about the state of the river pollution and would seek assurance from