SPRINGTIME for farmers means heavy workloads.

From Shillingford Vegetables, broccoli is at its peak, chard and spinach are growing like crazy as is Red Russian kale.

Also harvesting the first spring onions and bunches of miniature turnips and radishes.

At the same time they are harvesting the last of the winter vegetables, leeks, cabbage, carrots, swede and beetroot and still have potatoes and Crown Prince squash from store.

From their polytunnels a whole variety of leaves, for salad bags and hot mustards and komatsuna for stir fry bags

It is spring lambing and kidding season.

For the dairy farmers there is the smell of grass freshening up and new spring cow and goat milk for tasty cheeses and yogurts.

Even the bakers are shifting gears with lighter offerings now that heavy spices and stick to your ribs meals are not needed.

Think lemon and chocolate flavours with Easter twists of marzipan and egg shapes. Look out for early wild garlic speckled breads and flavouring ready meals.

Perhaps the most colourful items are found at the two plant stalls: Delicate willow sculptures and small spring baskets from Really Useful Plants and colourful blooms plus peas and broad beans for transplanting at Springfield Nursery.

It is not too early to be thinking about Easter décor.

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