THE Shores of South Devon Marine Life Association exhibited over the weekend of September 9-10, around 40 photographs, original artwork, seaweed pressings and a photographic ‘Sea Squirt’ installation at TAAG gallery Teignmouth.

The ‘LIFE AT THE TIDAL MARGIN’ event which was curated by Toby Sherwin, Anne Gwynn and Mike Puleston was part of the Weekend Teign Maritime & Shanty Festival which judging by the sheer numbers of people in Teignmouth was a great success in the hot weather. 

Mike said: ‘We had good numbers of visitors to TAAG both days, enjoying the art show which was a great mix of art styles and media from all the artists  exhibiting.

‘SOSD had many interesting questions asked about the various species featured in our display and many people were amazed that the marine animals and Seaweeds featured were very local.

‘It was a great experience for Anne, Toby and myself to set up our work in such an excellent gallery, with opportunities to meet the other artists and many thanks to the Teign Maritime& Shanty Festival organisers for inviting SOSD and Douglas Anderson from TAAG for his excellent support and advice.’

Although the SOSD exhibition has ended, the main exhibition continues and is a great opportunity to support local artists and the Teignmouth artistic community.

Mike also gave a talk at the Heritage Centre on the Sunday afternoon titled ‘The Intertidal Marine Life of the Teign Estuary’