A POLICE officer has been dismissed for gross misconduct following a disciplinary hearing. 

The panel, led by Devon and Cornwall Police Chief Constable Will Kerr, found that PC Kye Smith’s behaviour had fallen below the expected standards of professional behaviour in respect of honesty and integrity.

It had been alleged that on 6 May 2019, PC Smith filled out an application form to join Devon and Cornwall Police as a constable.

In the application he stated that he held the required Maths GCSE qualification at grade C. On 11 November 2019, PC Smith was informed that he had failed his Math’s Function Level 2. PC Smith challenged this and as a result, was provided with all his results including his GCSEs.

As part of the application to join Devon and Cornwall Police, PC Smith signed a declaration agreeing to inform the recruitment officer of any change in circumstances. At this time, PC Smith should have provided the information that he had not passed his Level 2 Maths and that he had provided incorrect GSCE results.

PC Smith was asked by the Devon and Cornwall Recruitment Officer to supply his Maths Level 2 Certificate, but instead emailed part of the table he had received, suggesting that he had completed the course.

PC Smith stated that he believed he held his Maths Level 2 Qualification. On 4 April 2022, PC Smith informed his inspector that he had failed and intended to re-take the qualification.

Following the public hearing, which was held in Exeter, Chief Constable Will Kerr concluded that the officer’s behaviour amounted to Gross Misconduct, and he has been dismissed from the Force with immediate effect. 

The officer’s details will be submitted to the College of Policing Barred List, preventing them from working within policing.

Chief Constable Will Kerr said: 'PC Smith had multiple opportunities to correct this matter and chose not to do so.

'This was not a one-off, nor a minor error of judgement. During that protracted period, he remained a serving police officer drawing a salary from the public purse for a role he knew he was not fully qualified to have.

'The public deserve higher standards than this. PC Smith’s actions have, with repeated failure to admit that he did not hold a Maths GCSE qualification at Grade C, fallen seriously short of the required standards of professional behaviour.

'My determination is that this conduct amounts to Gross Misconduct and that the behaviour was over such a protracted period of time that this warrants consideration of dismissal.'