WELL done if you’ve managed to keep to your New Year resolution.

Apparently, our New Year resolutions struggle to make it past January 12.

Devon County Council has some advice ands help for those of us who are struggling.

According to the council: ‘The beginning of the New Year can be a great opportunity to develop a new habit! One Small Step has many options for support to help you keep your resolution in 2023, or to inspire you to make the change.

‘Studies have found some of our New Year resolutions struggle to make it past 12 January, but with the support of others, we can make them last much longer.

‘One Small Step is a free lifestyle service, funded by us to support the health and wellbeing of Devon residents.

‘We have friendly advisors who can help you plan lifestyle changes and support you to maintain a healthier weight, stop smoking, drink less or become more active.

‘Our flexible support means we can help you focus on small achievable steps to fit in with your lifestyle and routine.’

Michael, from Exeter, said: "’

My advice to anyone thinking of quitting smoking would be just give it a go. You'll wish you did it sooner. If One Small Step can help me, they can help anyone!"

To find out more, visit https://www.devon.gov.uk/news/keep-your-new-year-resolution-with-the-help-of-one-small-step/