IN a year where everyone is feeling the cost of living crisis bite, Devon County Show’s choice of the Amber Foundation as its charity of the year couldn’t have been more fitting.

According to a recent report from Shelter, 3,700 people were deemed homeless last year in Devon and Cornwall.

The Amber Foundation seeks to address this.

Operating from centres in Devon, Wiltshire, Surrey and Kent the Amber Foundation offers supported housing with a difference for individuals aged between 16 and 30.

The Foundation provides not just training and support to address specific personal issues, but also new experiences and opportunities that raise aspirations and challenge residents to take responsibility for their lives and move forward positively.

Joe, pictured on the right, has been one of 30 people living with the Amber Foundation for the last four months.

Joe said: ‘The Amber Foundation has just given me stability and a place that I knew that can go home to instead of somewhere I was just stopping off at.

‘It’s given me routines and just allowed me to get to know myself and get more confined with people again, there’s been a lot of opportunities.’

The ultimate aim of the Amber Foundation is to help as many young people as possible move on to sustainable work, a secure home and a fulfilling future, in which they never have to face homelessness again.

Becoming the Devon County Show’s Charity of the Year doesn’t just help the Foundation raise vital funds, it also helps to raise the profile of the charity, enabling it to reach out more widely to those who need them most.

Becky Fry, Fundraising Manager, said: ‘We’re absolutely thrilled to be chosen as the show charity this year.

‘Over 50% of Amber’s income comes from fundraising and donations, so raising awareness from that side of things is really important to us. We just want as many people to know that we’re here and that we can help. So 16-30, if you’re insecurely housed or homeless or could be homeless, struggling with employment, then Amber could be the right path for you.’