TWO new MRI and CT units have been installed at Newton Abbot Hospital thanks to more than £400,000 funding. 

The hospital’s radiology team had been working on bringing in a second MRI and CT ‘pad’ for some time. 

Now it is in place following a capital investment of £412,000 needed to create the pad and associated infrastructure modifications to support two units on the hospital site. 

One of the units is also equipped with a ramp and lift which is able to accommodate a hospital bed and both units were open earlier this month. 

Associate Director of Operations Ria McCoy, from cancer and clinical support services, said: ‘This will bring huge benefits to our patients as the importance of early diagnosis can never be under-estimated.

‘The second pad will enable us to provide increased capacity for CTs which in turn will allow us to offer an increased service and reduced waiting times for our patients who are waiting for this vital diagnostic. 

‘This type of equipment is vital in our attempts to reduce waiting lists and deliver better patient outcomes.’