PETER TINSON writes, via email:

There has been a lot in the news about taking sheep off the moor, to allow it to recover to its natural state. 

When you think about it, the ponies which have two sets of teeth and can graze more tightly, are not mentioned, and I can hear the fearful outcry there would be if that was ever mooted.

The farmers have rights for their sheep to be on the moor and have had for centuries. 

It is the farmers who maintain hedges etc, and if their livelihood is taken away from them, and they are not able to train up future farmers, the skills will not be there, and I can’t see the boffins — or are they buffoons? — in Natural England getting off their backsides in their ivory towers to do anything about it!! 

 If they are prepared to make up the loss of income for each sheep taken off the moor, they might stand a chance.