Extinction Rebellion members from Teignbridge took part in a march from Southenhay, Exeter, to Bedford Square.

This was intended as a local protest ahead of the ‘Big One’ being held in London on April 21.

At the square there was an address on Biodiversity celebrating the importance of saving species and the dependence of humans on the natural world.

There was a speech and ‘die in’ outside Barclays Bank which Extinction Rebellion spokesperson Mike Puleston described as ‘the UK's leading high street bank in funding fossil fuel extraction globally and no 7 Globally.’

Participants came from Exeter, Totnes and Teignbridge.

There was a large Devon Samba band presence with around 40 participants including several children, the idea was to dress in costume to highlight species loss in the UK (97% decline in Hedgehogs in 70 years), plant decline dramatic, and insect life declining particularly Butterflies/Moths.

Mike Puleston added: ‘Today in Exeter was another powerful protest by local XR activists and supporters highlighting the continued catastrophic decline of species in the natural world in the UK and Globally.

‘People came together today to celebrate the importance of the natural world, by donning striking costumes of Hedgehogs, fish, insects, tigers etc.

‘Sadly we are living in the age of the 6th great extinction event, essentially natural habitats are being destroyed in the name of industrial farming and fishing, sprawling human habitation and many forms of pollution and the introduction of invasive species.

‘This at a time when the UK government is planning to scrap over a thousand EU environmental protection policies with essentially toothless replacements.

‘Recent studies show that in the UK plant, mammal, insect  and freshwater species are rapidly declining.

‘We all need to step up and campaign and call on the government to properly protect what of the natural world we retain in this country.’

Dave of Dawlish said: ‘I'm here today to call out for better protection of our wildlife and natural habitats, we can't keep on the way we are.’

Peppy of Teignmouth said: ‘It is so important that people come out as they have done today and show that they care about the wildlife around them, we need wildlife we are dependent on the natural world to survive ourselves.