A LARGE swathe of Dartmoor is for sale for over £1.3 million.

From South West Water to Saudi businessmen, the purchase gives the buyer change to join a select few who own the National Park.

The moorland in question predominantly consists of Buckfastleigh Moor, a vast wilderness on the southeast fringe of Dartmoor National Park.

Split up into three lots, the entire area consists of about 858 acres of land. Lot 1, Buckfastleigh Moor, is by far the largest of the lots, comprised of 722 acres.

The two other lots are significantly smaller and cheaper and the land is available as a whole.

It include three peaks: Ryder’s Hill, Snowdon and Pupers Hill.

The moorland in question is a Site of Special Scientific Interest, is a formal conservation designation for an area that’s of particular interest to science due to the rare species of fauna or flora.

This means that the site is protected, so little will change on the common, other than conservation work and delivering Natural England’s so-called public goods.

Strutt and Parker, the estate agents marketing the land, describe the moor: ‘The property boasts extensive open moorland, rugged hillsides and species rich valleys with a huge variety of flora & fauna, with several natural springs and watercourses.

‘There are unrivalled panoramic views across Dartmoor and to the South Devon coast from the high ground which includes the highest point on southern Dartmoor.

‘There are considered to be extensive natural capital opportunities available now and in future as markets continue to develop for the provision of public goods including nature recovery, flood management, carbon sequestration and personal wellbeing.’

Like most common land on the moor, the property is subject to public open access and common grazing rights.

Rarely on sale, Dartmoor National Park’s ownership is comprised of a patchwork various owners, the largest being the Dutch of Cornwall, South West Water the National Trust. Private owners include Lord Roborough, who owns the Maristow Estate and the Simpson Family, who own the Spitchwick Estate.