READER Gary Pidwell from Newton Abbot brought this photo into the office and hopes it might jog the memories of a few people.

‘It’s a panto staged by pupils of Highweek Boys’ Secondary School in 1959,’ he said.

‘It was staged by the music teacher Mr Griffiths.

As a boys-only school the female parts were played by boys, me included. I can’t remember all the names but some people might remember pupils called Luscombe, Yeoman, and Colgate.

‘I think among this lot is one Peter ‘Lenny’ Windsor, who went on to be a professional comedian.’

Mr Pidwell left the school the following year aged 15 and began working at Imperial Furnishers before going on to work at a garden centre on the Penn Inn Roundabout.

He thinks the school closed sometime in the 1980s.

‘Times were very different back then -the school was a tough one and the teachers weren’t frightened about beating us!’ he added.