AFTER months of battling with Sovereign Housing Association over the state of her street, a Kingsteignton woman continues to grapple with overflowing bins, streets covered in paint and even dog excrement thrown into her garden.

Louise Reeve moved into what she thought would be her dream home on River Close in Kingsteignton only a year ago, but it wasn’t long before the chaos began.

After dealing with vast quantities of rubbish outside her house from he neighbouring housing association, Louise began to repeatedly contact Sovereign Housing and Teignbridge District Council. However, each organisation tells Louise to talk to the other.

‘They’re just washing their hands with the issue, it’s like banging my head against a brick wall,’ said Louise, after months of working with both parties.

Other residents can’t open their windows in the summer due to the stench and Louise has spent hundreds on vermin control. As a mother of two, Louise began to worry about the impact of this environment on her children.

Sovereign finally agreed to install a camera facing the bins to deter improper use from their residents, but Louise smells a rat.

‘I’m pretty sure its fake,’ she said, ‘I was there when they were putting it up, and I heard the contractors talking about how to make it look real.

‘We haven’t seen any of the footage from it and absolutely nothing has changed.’

In fact, problems have only got worse. Now paint has been spilled across the street and dog poo has been thrown into Louise’s garden on multiple occasions.

She added: ‘We’ve already had different agents round to value the property. We are that sick of it. I want to move.

‘I just never know what I’ll be walking home to and I just haven’t got anyone to battle with. I’m at my wit’s end.’

Sovereign Network Group were unwilling to confirm whether the camera installed was fake. Layla Pope, Sovereign’s Locality Manager, said: ‘We share the frustration and our teams have been visiting River Close weekly. We have requested a meeting with Teignbridge District Council to find a longer-term solution.’