STAFF from fast food chain McDonald’s teamed up with rangers at Haldon Forest to clear up litter.

As part of the chain’s commitment to tackling littering, 13 crew members from the Haldon Hill restaurant joined the rangers to clean up the local area.

The event saw an impressive lorry load of litter collected, highlighting the strong passion for protecting the Haldon Forest environment.

David Shawyer, who owns and operates four McDonald’s restaurants in Devon including Haldon Hill, said: ‘Looking after our local community is of upmost importance to me and a big part of that is ensuring the roadsides and local areas are litter free. ‘This was our fourth litter collection event working alongside the Rangers and we hope to continue. ‘We’re proud to do our bit in keeping Haldon Forest clean.’

McDonald’s is tackling litter in local communities, both by litter picking and reducing the amount of waste its restaurants produce.

The brand was the first restaurant company to introduce litter patrols in the UK in 1982 and its franchisees and employees have cleaned up irresponsibly discarded litter dropped in towns and cities across the country for more than 40 years.

Crews across the UK cover a total of 5,000 miles each week on litter patrols, collecting all litter, not just McDonald’s packaging.