POLICE were on patrol on Dartmoor over the weekend in a bid to stop any planned raves. 

Officers from the Ashburton Neighbourhood Team carried out checks at various locations on the moor. 

Their aim was to target their activity to prevent raves being set up in the area.      

Officers also appealed to the public to be on the lookout for groups arriving at a location with sound equipment and suspect an unlicensed music event is about to take place.

A spokesman said: ‘Please call us on 999.

‘We can then take steps to prevent this happening as well as keeping everyone safe. 

‘Little planning goes into the event with no regard for public safety putting attendees at risk. 

‘No sanitation or other waste and refuse facilities are provided, this can have a massive effect on the environment causing lasting damage. 

‘The biggest risk is people wandering off under the influence of drink or drugs in unfamiliar surroundings and becoming lost.’