POLICE have uncovered more than 1,000 of counterfeit tobacco from woodland near Dunsford. 

A neighbourhood team from Ashburton and Chudleigh police made the discovery after a tip-off from a member of the public. 

The tobacco, which has been handed over to Trading Standards, had apparently been in place for some time before being spotted.

The packages marked up as Golden Virginia, if sold would, have had a street value of several thousands of pounds.

Because of the markings, they may give the impression they are imported from Europe.

A police spokesman said: ‘Someone may think they are getting a duty free bargain.

‘Counterfeit tobacco and cigarettes are produced in  black market factories and are not just illegal, there can also contain much higher levels of tar. 

‘Other substances found in these counterfeit products range from weed killers, metal splinters, dead insects and rat faeces.

‘Please don’t be tempted to purchase any tobacco or tobacco products other than from legal outlets.’