I READ no national ‘news’paper nor watch the ‘news’ on the broadcast medium but rely on the www alternative media and the Mid-Devon Advertiser which persists very rightly in printing a breadth of opinion and news.

Given the maelstrom in our capital and the stench which the predominant south westerly air stream mostly keeps from us, I have bothered to read the words of our local MPs Messrs Morris and Stride in the October 13 and 20 editions. Here I deal with the former edition.

Mrs Morris’ piece which might originate in Conservative Central Office is entitled ‘Coming to Terms with a New Reality’. What is current now in the babble is nothing new, but only worse. Quote – ‘We need to get it right and in November the plan will be clear’!

Then it was Kwasi Kwarteng, and now Jeremy Hunt. She is content that the government spent, and is still spending, more than £400bn on C19 propaganda, locking down lives and our economy, and the vast sums within for inoculation of experimental vaccines.

These were ‘rolled out’ in less than six months since conception and before mandatory third and fourth trials.

The MDA kindly printed my informed opposition to most of this.

Note that this sum is three times the current annual budget of OUR NHS which is stressed as never before and which has been steadily dismantled over 40 years as I have been telling for over 20 years. But few listened because they naively believed ‘they’ would care for them.

Mr Stride’s piece urges us to have the ‘jabs’, a word chosen probably by the Behavioural Insights Team in Westminster led by David Halpern PhD, given it diminishes the importance of the contents thus inoculated.

The total lack of informed consent in those being jabbed is verboten both in ethos and law. Which subject knows that the discontinued Astra Zeneca ‘vaccine’ started with a chimpanzee adenovirus.

I note in this edition that Mr Wrigley, the Liberal ‘Democrat’ candidate, intends to stand again in a general election which will be announced as the current government sinks into oblivion.

I will keep my powder dry meanwhile but if there is clear support, would concentrate on the social disintegration in our fine isles, a lawful foreign policy, and the steady rebuilding of OUR NHS.

I thought the polity had had enough of Punch and Judy politics at the time of the snap election in December 2019 but easily recall that at the end of three weeks’ campaigning without an agent (my son Andrew volunteered) 840 constituents voted ‘independently’ and 29,180 voted for Mrs Morris.

This time it is vital that across the UK at least 50 independent women and men are elected who have done a good job and are of clear probity, and that career politicians are left in their bubbles out in the cold.

Many will know that the era of the Tweedledum, Tweedledee and Tweedle party politics must end.