AS we bask in the warmth of spring and the promise of new beginnings, I am delighted to share some exciting updates from the Newton Abbot Chamber of Commerce, writes Mark Amphlett, Chairman of Newton Abbot Chamber of Commerce.

First and foremost, mark your calendars for our upcoming Annual General Meeting (AGM) on the 13th of May.

This is a crucial opportunity for us to come together, reflect on our accomplishments, and chart the course for the future. I encourage all members to attend and participate in shaping the direction of our Chamber. And who knows, I may get officially voted in as the Chair!!

On that note, I am thrilled to announce that we are actively seeking applications for the position of Vice Chair ahead of the AGM.

This role is integral to our leadership team, and we are looking for a dedicated individual who shares our passion for supporting local businesses and driving positive change in our community. If you're interested or know someone who might be a perfect fit, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.

In other news, I am pleased to share that we are exploring exciting opportunities to collaborate with the Newton Abbot Library.

The library hosts a variety of business events aimed at assisting local businesses with a range of challenges they may face. We believe that by joining forces, we can leverage our collective expertise and resources to provide even greater support to our members and the wider business community.

Furthermore, the Newton Abbot Library has reached out to us for input on potential workshops that our members could offer for them to host.

This presents an excellent opportunity for our members to share their knowledge and skills with others, while also fostering a spirit of collaboration and learning within our community.

Amidst all these exciting developments, I am heartened by the palpable positivity and optimism that permeates the Teignbridge business community.

Despite the challenges we may face, it's inspiring to see businesses coming together, supporting one another, and embracing opportunities for growth and innovation. Together, we are stronger, and together, we will continue to thrive.

But wait, there's more! Our guest speaker at this month's Breakfast Networking Meeting is none other than a local Member of Parliament—a session not to be missed!

Join us bright and early at 8:00 a.m. on Thursday, 25th, at the picturesque Dainton Golf Club for what promises to be an enlightening and engaging discussion.

Finally, I want to extend an invitation to all members to share their thoughts, ideas, and feedback with us. Your input is invaluable as we strive to make the Chamber an even more dynamic and impactful organization.

Whether you have suggestions for events, initiatives, or areas of improvement, we welcome your input via our Chamber contact form page.

As always, thank you for your unwavering support and dedication to the Newton Abbot Chamber of Commerce. Together, let's continue to build a vibrant and prosperous business community that we can all be proud of.