TWO leading peace activists, Elias D’eis and Said Zarzar from Holy Land Trust in Bethlehem will be visiting Ashburton Arts Centre on Sunday 10th December at 7:30pm, to take part in a special Christmas event organised by creative human rights organisation, Amos Trust. Elias and Said, part of Holy Land Trust’s community outreach team, work tirelessly to strengthen communities and help local people unite in acts of non-violent resistance against the illegal Israeli occupation of Palestine. The event is part of Amos Trust’s Christmas Tour of the UK. Elias D’eis Elias joined Holy Land Trust as a travel coordinator in 2007 and has grown the organisation’s Travel and Encounter programme, which now facilitates tours and educational packages to 1,500 peacemakers and visitors a year. Elias is the Chairman of the board of Al Ghad Al Jadid (New Generation) Organization in Beit Sahour, he teaches at the Global Distribution Service College in Ramallah and was recently elected to the Beit Sahour City Council — one of the youngest members in the history of the council. He also manages the tourism portfolio, engaging in international relations and community development projects and has been a representative to Japan, Turkey, Italy and Lithuania. In June 2019, Elias was promoted to the position of Executive Director of Holy Land Trust. Said Zarzar Said Zarzar is Programme Development Manager at Holy Land Trust where he has worked since August 2012. As an events coordinator, his responsibilities include acting as art director for the annual Bet Lahem Live Festival, working on the Holy Land Trust’s Travel and Encounter programme logistics and coordinating many other events. Said graduated from Bethlehem University with a Bachelor’s degree in Literature and Translation in 2010, but his real passion is theatre. At Holy Land Trust, Said can channel this passion into positively impacting the community. He believes theatre is a weapon, and through acting, dancing and putting on productions, performers can use their voice and skills to tell their stories without being rejected or ignored. Said is a travel expert who arranges solidarity trips and alternative tours to Palestine annually for more than 5,000 visitors. He is now studying for his Master’s in Tourism Studies at Bethlehem University. Since 7th October 2023, there has been increased settler violence, arrests and shootings across the West Bank, according to the United Nations. The event will mix performances, spoken word and traditional Christmas carols.

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