HAVING been absent from the town for nearly three years, a Teignmouth-based community music project's new premises is finally within reach of opening.

The Cave Music Project, typically shorted to just 'the Cave', has been a welcomed presence in Teignmouth for more than a decade, having provided a rehearsal space for budding and established musicians alike.

Up until 2020 the Cave, which shares its name with the second ever single released by Muse, whose members grew up in Teignmouth, was based out of premises in Eastcliff car park.

The decision was made, however, to knock the building down to create additional car parking spaces, and so the Cave, with nowhere to call home, was forced to close - new premises were, therefore needed and needed sooner rather than later.

But it wasn't until 2022 that the Cave's board of trustees found a suitable space - the Old Quay Warehouse, next to the Port of Teignmouth - though much work was needed to make it into usable rehearsal space, with some additional work still outstanding.

The end is, however, finally in sight, as those behind the scenes hope to welcome back the Cave in early January 2024.

Chairman of the board of trustees, Paul Harrion, said: 'I think we've been down now for the best part of three years - it has been a long time, a really long time, but we have finally been given permission to open.

'At the moment we just need to make the Cave wash its face and start building some money up, so we have some money in the coffers.

'It would be nice to get back to where we were before, if somebody blew an amp, for example, we could just get it repaired, we aren't then worrying about it.

'We have had a couple of bands in to sound test - we aim to available to everybody, of all age groups, young and old alike.'

The Cave Music Project
The Cave's Robin Brown, left, with Paul Harrion, Chairman of the Cave's board of trustees. (Ethan Heppell / MDA)

Robin Brown, who has been with the Cave since the very beginning, said: 'The sad bit is that there is a generation of teenagers who have missed us.

'I have a few really good ideas to help original musicians, people who write and produce their own music, because that is the hardest way to "make it"

'Muse came out of Teignmouth, so they proved it can be done, but it is harder now than it was then.

'I'd like to help post-graduates as well.'