TESCO in Newton Abbot have applied for planning for a ‘DotCom’ extension to their store.

In a covering letter to Teignbridge Council planners the superstore says the extension at their store in Newton Road, Kingsteignton, would ‘accommodate improvements to internet shopping fulfilment facilities’.

The planning statement says the proposed extension would be to the south-western side of the store, measuring 393 sq metres. Spaces would also be provided for ‘click and collect’ customers adjacent to the Dot Com area.

The proposals would mean the demolition of the decked car park (a separate ‘prior approval’ application has been submitted) and the reconfiguration of the store’s car park, including re-surfacing works, inclusion of click and collect facilities, electric vehicle charging spaces and new trolley bays.

As a result of the proposals the total number of car parking spaces will reduce from 548 to 448, a reduction of 100 spaces.

In its planning assessment Tesco says the plans do ‘not involve any additional retail sales space – it is solely to provide improved facilities for the fulfilment of orders placed online.’

It concludes: ‘The purpose of the extension is to enable improvements to be made to the store’s internet shopping fulfilment facilities – in particular by creating more space for these and a better working environment for colleagues.

A larger scheme, also for ‘Dot Com’ facilities, was proposed and approved in 2017 but was not built.

More details of the application can be seen on Teignbridge Council’s planning portal at https://publicaccess.teignbridge.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=summary&keyVal=RKGXJDPZM4N00