AS nominations for candidates closed last night, Tuesday, Teignbridge is gearing up for the district council election day on May 4.

Teignbridge Lib Dems announced the biggest ever number of Lib Dem candidates –43. The Conservatives said they were fielding ….candidates, Labour 10and the South Devon Alliance 26.


Martin Wrigley – candidate for Dawlish North East, said: ‘I am delighted with the candidates that we have brought together.  We have a talented anddiverse group of wonderful people who are keen to represent their local communities.  

 ‘We have launched our manifesto with a headline of moving Teignbridge to become a modern community powered council as well as delivering more new council homes, decarbonisation and improved parks, and much more.’

He added that in the last month before polling day the 43 Lib Dem candidates are busy delivering leaflets, knocking on doors and speaking to as many people as they can in their local communities.  


Phil Bullivant, Leader of the Conservatives on Teignbridge, said: ‘The new Teignbridge council will face new challenges and have to address the problems left by the outgoing Lib Dem administration and how to balance its budget.  

‘We are delighted we have been able to select a highly skilled and talented talented group of candidates that have the wide experience and drive to address the problems and also represent both their local communities and all of the residents of Teignbridge.  

‘Our manifesto focuses on making Teignbridge a great place to live and work whilst ensuring that we deliver on behalf of the upcoming generations in everything we do. We look forward to giving everyone a voice in decision making and delivering the services and amenities that we want and need. 

‘You will see many Leaflets are being delivered and each candidate is busy in each ward knocking on doors to answer any questions.

‘If you miss a visit please call me on 07768355544 and I will be able to give you any answers or direct you to your local candidate(s).’


Richard Daws, Leader of the South Devon Alliance, said: ‘The South Devon Alliance has the broadest range of candidates with 26 passionate residents putting themselves forward for election. People of all backgrounds and ages who share the aim of restoring a transparent and functioning democracy to Teignbridge District Council.

'Our candidates herald from wide and varied walks of life including a former social worker, economics graduate and musician, a taxi driver, retail manager, yoga teacher, former stockbroker, truck driver and former lifeboat volunteer, laundry worker, child services professional, retired Police Chief Inspector, eco house builder, reiki healers and a former writer for the New York Times, Wall Street Journal and adviser on the Bill Clinton presidential campaign.

'That’s not including the former Times journalist and comedian, Stagecoach Theatre School operator and Chartered Engineer, live venue operator and social venture champion that we already have on the council.  'All aiming to restore a functioning democracy in Teignbridge, create a cultural strategy for the district around the Alexandra Theatre, protect the environment and challenge overdevelopment.'


Jeffrey Pocock, for Labour, said they had 10 candidates standing, adding: 'Newton Abbot Constituency Labour Party is very glad to announce their largest number of candidates in many years for the May 2023 Teignbridge District and Teignmouth Town Council elections. 

 'Our 10 candidates stand ready to serve the communities that they live and work in. Our candidates reflect the diversity and talent that comprise our local areas. Like you, they are eager to see their areas thrive and they will do that by working hard, listening to your concerns, and making use of their wide and varied experience.

'Once elected, we will fight for all, work collaboratively with other parties, and see that all voices are heard. Whether it is car parking charges, housing developments, bin collection, or something else, our fantastic candidates are there for you.

 'The Labour Party is now again a force to be reckoned with both locally and nationally and with your support, we seek to overturn the misery and division inflicted on us over the past decade or so and to fight back against the slashing of council budgets and services that have so harmed our communities and especially our young, old, poor, unwell, and disabled.

'Voting for Labour also pays off, putting money back in your pocket and helping the environment. Where there is currently a Labour-run council, for example, council taxes are significantly lower, and nearby Labour-run Exeter City Council leads the way internationally in its eco-friendly, cost-saving, and healthy and warm council house programme.'