A TEIGNBRDIGE Scout group has wasted no time in taking advantage of its new outdoor space, but what did they get up to? Making fires and toasting marshmallows - what else?

4th Teignmouth Scout Group had been bereft of an outdoor space for some time, but this all changed when Teignmouth Town Council fixed up an area adjacent to the group’s headquaters on Park Hill.

And what better way to christen said space than by toasting marshmallows over an open fire... especially if they have been provided by Teignmouth mayor, Cllr Joan Atkins!

‘Watching these young people cooking outside in their new space is a real joy and should remind us all why we became councillors - to make a difference and enable things to happen for our townsfolk, young and old’ Cllr Atkins said.

‘I was proud to be invited to join them this evening and see the area in use and brought marshmallows for toasting as a treat’ Cllr Atkins added.

Scout leaders and helpers alike were described as being ‘over the moon’ with the spcae, in particular the flexibility that having a clear and safe outdoor space provides and are ‘looking forward’ to developing the space further.

It is understood 4th Teignmouth Scout Group’s leader is thinking of how to kit out the area for poor weather conditions.

And so if you, or someone you know, is having an end of summer turnout, bear the Scouts in mind: gazebos, benches, storage units and so on would all be gratefully accepted.

‘The adults who run the scouts, often coming straight from work to lead the groups, are all volunteers and do a tremendous job of getting the youngsters involved in the activities on offer’ Cllr Atkins.

‘They need all the support that our community can offer’ she added.

• Pictured right, members of 4th Teignmouth Scout Group with Teignmouth mayor, Cllr Joan Atkins. Inset: A special delivery - Cllr Atkins arrives with marshmallows in hand.