RUNNER Scott Andrews described his London Marathon experience as ‘crazy’.

Scott, from Dawlish, completed the gruelling course in 4hours and eight minutes and raised £2,000 for homeless charity Shelter. 

He was supported along the route by wife Nejla and daughters Poppy and Zara. 

After receiving his medal, he said: ‘ The London marathon was the craziest atmosphere I have ever experienced. 

‘With a personal favourite crossing tower bridge, the noise of the spectators was deafening. 

‘I would like to thank everyone who has donated and would encourage anyone who is considering to do a fundraiser to go for it. 

‘The thought of raising money for charity is daunting especially with such big pledges these days however everyone seems to pull together and hitting target is just as good as completing the marathon. 

‘For now I’m going to go back to running Teignmouth Parkruns for fun and give my legs a rest.’

Scott, 33, who runs a flooring company, was motivated to raise money for the charity after working with Teignbridge Council to provide accommodation for the homeless.

He tried for many years to get a place through the ballot system.

Having battled through serious knee injuries and surgery, he finally made it into the line-up. 

He said: ‘Getting a place through the ballot is like gold dust.

‘I have worked for Teignbridge Council doing flooring for temporary homes and emergency accommodation and I know how quickly they need to be turned around to get homes ready.’