THE time has come around again for receipt of nominations from Bovey Tracey and Heathfield residents for one of the four 2024 Bovey Tracey Community Awards.

As for 2023, the four Awards are Community Champion 2024, Young Citizen of the Year 2024, Environmental Champion 2024, and Honorary Representative of the Lord of the Manor of Bovey Tracey 2024.

The nomination process and award qualification criteria are set out on Bovey Tracey Town Council’s website and on its Facebook account.

Nominations can be for individuals, voluntary groups or businesses that have made unselfish and highly valued contributions of their time to help those in need and meet the criteria for being nominated for the particular Award.

Those nominated must agree in advance to being nominated, and under 18s must have parental or guardian approval. 

A panel of councillors and community representatives will select the winner of the first above mentioned three Awards while town councillors will choose the Honorary Representative of the Lord of the Manor from public nominations received. 

Residents, voluntary group colleagues, visitors or customers with a good experience or knowledge of the nominee’s activities are invited to make the nominations, preferably on-line, although paper submissions will be accepted if the proposer and seconder cannot access a suitable electronic device.

For that purpose they can ask the town clerk’s office to provide a paper form for them. 

The deadline for submitting nominations is Tuesday, March 6.

The winner will be announced at the Annual Town Meeting in the Riverside Community Centre on Wednesday, March 27.

Award winners in the past have expressed both surprise and gratitude that their endeavours have been appreciated and recognised within the parish, so, if you know someone, or a small group, worthy of nomination, please do not hesitate to submit their name(s) to Bovey Tracey Town Council.

For more information, and for guidance on how to submit, contact the town council on [email protected]