PEDAL POWER: Cycling’s for everyone from BMX to family rides

Friday 3rd June 2022 5:00 pm
INSPIRING comeback for BMX athlete and competitor, Max Avery, who fought his way to the finishline despite suffering a serious setback right out of the gate.
As the gates dropped and the 22 riders atop the National Cycling CentreÕs eight-metre starting hill hurtled down towards the first of the tracks many jumps, 15-year-old Max Avery and another rider came barrelling into one another causing both riders to hit the dirt. 
Undetered and laser-focused, Max instinctively picked up his bike, set his sights on the finish line and set about getting back in the race.
Not satisfied with merely finishing the race, MaxÕs skill and determination awarded him 12th place Ð a seriously impressive feat for the Newton Abbot local given how vital a sound start is in the world of BMX track racing.
Riding a BMX bike for the first time at just four years old, Max made his debut into the competitive scene when he was seven and the rest, as they say, is history.
Today, Max is ranked fourth nationally in the Male 16s catergory, rides for Green Machine, a beloved bike shop in Kingsteignton renowned for its support of the BMX community across Teignbridge, and is in the business of travelling to countries far and wide to compete - among them the Netherlands, Belgium and Azerbaijan to name but a few.
This past weekend it was the Racing Under The Roof 2021 BMX event hosted at ManchesterÕs purpose-built National Cycling Centre that brought the countryÕs top up and coming riders together.
No stranger to adversity, Max overcame a less than perfect start, and that would be putting it mildly, and achieved a great feat of which he should be proud. 
Onwards and upwards for the young man who has already achieved so much.
BMX action (MDA )

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This year’s Bike Week, from June 6 to 12, is all about getting the local community involved and to encourage as many people as possible to get out there and enjoy their bike .

Whether it’s going on family cycle rides, taking kids out to the park or trying something different like BMXing – cycling is for everyone.

These last few years have seen a lot of change, many people took up cycling or rediscovered it in lockdown and one thing we’ve noticed as a Club is new families and riders coming through our gates.

Decoy BMX Club in Newton Abbot, just behind the Decoy Lake, has certainly seen a rise in the younger generation getting involved, particularly due to the magnificent result of Bethany Shriever who won gold, and Kye Whyte who won silver in BMXing at the Olympic Games

A bike can give everyone freedom, freedom to choose how to travel and how to live their lives better and healthier.

At the club we actively hold sessions for all ages and abilities starting from STR (Stride to Ride sessions) for those new to riding, on balance bikes or as a starter session on our track.

Once confident and able to independently ride around the track starting from the hill and gate, riders can progress onto the the group sessions with three Lead Coaches all with various degrees and experience in coaching and who also have a wealth of riding experience and medals.

We also have two trainee coaches (one male and one female) who have been working hard pre and post covid towards their qualification in becoming independent coaches.

We try and encourage new riders by holding weekly open sessions on Wednesdays and Sundays and hold various fun events during the half terms like Jump Nights and Holiday Clubs, open to anyone in the community who has ridden or not.

We’ve had many top name coaches at the track over the years including most recently Nigel Whyte (co-founder of the Peckham BMX Club and coach to Silver Medalist Kye Whyte) along with his brother Tre Whyte.

Tre is a British male former BMX rider.

In 2014 he claimed bronze in the 2014 UCI BMX World Championships after having to self-fund his attendance due to not being selected by the British Cycling World Championship team.

Mark Seaman, former GB BMX Coach with 14 years of coaching BMX racing at all levels, also came down recently and coached two groups of riders some even from other clubs in the South West.

Decoy thrive in encouraging, supporting and guiding youngsters in riding and in racing, with many becoming top riders Nationally.

We have seen many riders over the years take podium finishes Regionally, Nationally and in the World’s.

This year we have 10 riders having qualified to represent the World BMX Championships 2022 in France which is going to be held in Nantes. This will take place from July 26 – 31, 2022.

To celebrate National Bike Week we are going to hold an open session evening on Friday, June 10, with Free Bike, helmet and glove hire for anyone who hasn’t been or ridden at the track.

Let’s really celebrate cycling, it’s our chance to welcome you to our club and show you an insight into the BMX World.

If your on Facebook check out our club page, we’re also on Instagram.


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