DARTMOOR National Park Authority is appealing for volunteers to help with conservation projects across the moorland, such as the removal of invasive plants, preventing them from taking a hold of our national park’s ecosystems.

Over the next few weeks, the Authority is looking for volunteers to help their expert conservationists to control the spread of Himalayan Balsam, a plant that out-competes native flora.

By removing this non-native species, volunteers will be helping to protect Dartmoor by allowing native plants to thrive. Mervyn Newman, who works to remove such species from Dartmoor said: ‘Particularly in the Spring and Summer we need volunteers.

When you see how many (invasive) plants are around the National Park you realise the challenge. But we just need to disrupt the life cycles, and every extra volunteer splits the task up. I’ve found that volunteers have a great attitude and work hard, so the more we can get them on board, the easier our job will be.’

To get involved email - [email protected]