AN ACCIDENT on the A38 Haldon Hill has resulted in a car flipping onto its roof, causing significant traffic delays in the area. Fortunately, only minor injuries have been reported in this incident, urging authorities to remind motorists to exercise caution and adapt their driving to the current weather conditions.

Both sides of the road have delays, but westbound is much worse, with only one lane of traffic open.

The incident took place earlier today on Haldon Hill, Exeter, when a vehicle lost control while ascending the hill. Due to heavy rain and the resulting wet road conditions, the car skidded and ultimately flipped onto its roof, resulting in this dramatic scene that halted traffic.


The crash caused significant traffic congestion on Haldon Hill, exacerbating the already challenging conditions caused by the poor weather conditions. Commuters and motorists are urged to exercise patience and plan their journeys accordingly, as the delays are expected to persist until the wreckage is cleared and the road is fully reopened.

In response to the incident, Devon and Cornwall Police issued a statement: 'Please drive to the conditions!! This one found itself on its roof going up Haldon Hill, Exeter. Luckily only minor injuries on this occasion.'

Throughout Devon this lunchtime, a series of ongoing incidents have been reported on the roads. Accompanied by rainfall and a prevailing weather warning for strong winds, expect delays to travel. One particular area affected is the A380 Northbound, where traffic is experiencing disruptions as a result of a broken-down vehicle, leading to partial blockage and subsequent queues of vehicles.