A NURSE at Newton Abbot Hospital is preparing to leap put of a plane to help stroke patients.

Marco Jimenez, a charge nurse at the community hospital, will be jumping out of the aircraft on his birthday, July 30, to raise funds for the hospital’s Templer Ward, the stroke and near rehabilitation ward. 

Marcon said: ‘As a charge nurse on the ward, I see first hand the difference that our care makes to patients who need our support, however with better resources we can do even more.

‘I’m raising funds to purchase items from the wish list we have on the ward, equipment for our patients that can’t be funded by the NHS.’

His ‘wishlist’ includes beach balls for use in group sessions, mirror boxes which help retrain the brain after a stroke to build up mobility, jigsaws, and innovative special gloves which help to retrain hands and feet after a stroke or for patients with a neurological impairment. 

He said: ‘These items will make such a difference to our patients, helping to better support them in their journey to getting home and being able to get the most of life. 

‘Every pound donated really does make such a difference to the care we can provide.’

His fund-raising target is £2,000.

David Stacy, NHS Chief Financial Officer, wrote in support of Marco: ‘I am writing to thank you so much for skydiving for our Torbay and South Devon NHS Charity and for raising funds for Templer ward. 

‘The funds you raise will play a tremendous role in developing skills and enhancing the work that the NHS can do and your efforts will be greatly appreciated by staff as well as benefiting future patients.’

A spokesman for Torbay and South Devon NHS Trust said: ‘Good luck to Marco Jimenez, charge nurse on Templer ward, who will bravely jump out of a plane and skydive to celebrate his birthday and raise funds for the stoke and neuro rehabilitation ward.’

To support Marco, he has a Just Giving page at  http://ow.ly/OOjU50OHPIj