YOU have until tomorrow to have your say on plans for the future of Teignmouth.

The town’s draft Neighbourhood Plan consultation exercise is coming to an end this Friday, August 19.

The consultation opened with a static display at Teignmouth Pavilions for three days in July and then moved to Bitton House where it has been available in the main Foyer since then.

The Pavilions summary boards were prepared to give people a broad idea of the areas and policies that the plan covers and all the detailed documentation has been available online since the end of June with contact information if anyone has a query.

Councillor Joan Atkins, chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group, says she is pleased to have driven the process this far, to date, and gives credit to that group and the people of Teignmouth themselves who have contributed their thoughts (and dreams) on the initial draft (last May) and this amended draft which when finalised will form the document submitted to Teignbridge for approval.

Comments submitted on the first draft, and the Steering Group comments thereon, are featured as one nearly 20 supporting documents that are published with the Plan itself and its Design Code on the Town Council’s website:

More will be available as soon as time allowed following the closure of the consultation period at the end of the week.

Cllr Atkins said: ‘Everyone concerned has worked hard to make this a document which will take us through into the future and shape the way Teignmouth moves forward where it is possible.

‘I am proud to have been able to lead this group to this stage and we hope that all the work trying to engage with our townsfolk and reflect their thoughts in a meaningful way and provide supporting documentation will be rewarded by acceptance by Teignbridge.

‘If that happens, there will be a further referendum in due course and, if that is positive, the Plan will be “made” and will support and strengthen our Planning Committee and the Council as a whole in their comments and views to TDC as our parent planning authority.

‘It also provides a financial gain in that the percentage of Community Infrastructure Levy money paid by a developer increases if the Plan is approved and will enable us to spend more on eligible small projects within the town.’

There is a Response Form available on the website and it would help if responses were submitted on that.

Paper copies of all documents are available on request.