THE chips were down at Mulberry House Residential Home in Bovey Tracey, and the residents weren’t complaining.

They welcomed an exciting guest last Friday, the Fairy Cod Mother and the local fish and chip van.

Bringing the van to the home was a genius idea thought up by the Mulberry’s Wellbeing & Activities team to enable all residents to enjoy the age-old English tradition – a fish supper.

While Fairy Cod Mother Charlotte Connabeer served up, residents were supported by Mulberry House staff Nicola Kemble, wellbeing and activities co-ordinator, and Katie Stevenson, chef manager. Everyone involved enjoyed discussing memories from days gone by regarding Fish and Chip Van suppers.

‘It was a lovely afternoon, watching the residents order their own fish and chips,’ said Helen Hulme, manager of Mulberry House.

‘It was so nice to hear all the memories, laughter and conversation generated on a beautiful sunny afternoon about

days gone by.

'We have taken some lovely photos to save as memories for our residents to cherish.’

One resident praised the quality of the food: ‘The fish is top notch, and the batter absolutely first class. I do hope they visit us again. I am very happy at Mulberry House, and events like this are why I really enjoy living here.’

The day marked a memorable experience for all, and was a great success, as noted by Mulberry House.

‘We are thrilled to have been able to offer our residents the opportunity to enjoy fish and chips from a traditional van,’ explained Nicola.

‘Seeing the residents enjoying their meal and having a great time truly shows what makes our community a special place to live,’ added Katie.

Mulberry House residents are now looking forward to the next visit from the Fairy Cod Mother and welcoming more food vans in the future, joining in with more community experiences at the home.