THE OWNERS of a Teignbridge holiday park have thanked firefighters for their swift action when fire broke out in a biomass unit. 

Crews were called to Cofton Holidays following reports of smoke coming from the facility just before New Year. 

Now, the owners of the park say the incident originated from a delivery of woodchips. 

And they say they are carrying out a thorough review of facilities. 

A spokesman explained staff had noticed the smoke from the wood chip pit and as they had no indication of a clear source of ignition, called 999. 

The cause of the fire was later found to be friction in ‘screw augers’ used to move the material which had caused the smouldering.

Dawlish, Middlemoor, and Danes Castle fire stations were quick to respond when the alarm was raised.Cofton director Chris Jeffrey said the crews ‘efficiently managed the situation, ensuring an effective resolution with no collateral damage’. 

He said: ‘Their swift action and technology use were crucial in averting a more significant crisis. 

‘In response to this incident, we are thoroughly reviewing our facilities to enhance safety and prevent future occurrences. 

‘We remain dedicated to maintaining high safety standards in all our operations.

‘We extend our gratitude to the fire brigade for their prompt and effective response, ensuring the safety of our facilities and guests.’

The park says it is committed to renewable energy and the biomass plant is a key element which heats the pools, toilets, showers, and main complex, significantly reducing our reliance on fossil fuels.’