South West Water will lift all hosepipe restrictions across Devon and Cornwall on September 25

The company promised to review the restrictions in Colliford and Roadford water supply zones and says - thanks to the collaboration of customers - water resources are in a much more stable position following the peak summer demand.

Roadford Reservoir is at 53 per cent storage, up 10 per cent from this time last year, while Colliford Reservoir is at 52% storage, up 28% from last year.

South West Water had already announced a lifting of restrictions in Cornwall from the same date.

The company says: "Climate change has shown how unpredictable weather patterns can be and we must continue to protect the region’s rivers and beautiful natural resources. We want to emphasise that water is a valuable resource and urge residents, businesses, and visitors to use water responsibly and Save Every Drop."

They say they will closely monitor water resources, the weather and demand right across the region, and will continue working closely with the Environment Agency to ensure any decisions are made responsibly.

Many parts of Devon were deluged in the last 48 hours. In some places a month's worth of rain fell in just a few hours, causing flash floods and road closures.