SEA Shanties were included in the lessons for Year 6 pupils at Shaldon Primary School when the band Bow Movement joined them.

Trainee teacher Lisa Fletcher said: ‘We have been learning about the forces (in particular air and water resistance) in our science enquiry and will soon be using our DT skills to make a model boat.

‘This will give the children the opportunity to test out their science knowledge of the forces when they consider the sail and shape of the boat.

‘Music was incorporated into this nautical theme too, and what better genre than sea shanties!

‘The children have been learning to perform ‘Bay of Suvla’ for our assembly.

‘The children had the fantastic opportunity to listen to a wonderful sea shanty band performing songs (the children were taught the choruses so they could join in) just to them in the playground today.’

The band, ‘Bow Movement’ performed four of their songs and heard the children’s rendition of the one they’re practising.

‘It was absolutely lovely for the children,’ said Lisa.

The crew members are: Billy Riddington, Dom Jinks, Danny Yank, Ray Cole and Chris Weeks.

Readers can have the chance to enjoy Bow Movement’s shanties at Falmouth Sea Shanty Festival on June 17, 18 and 19.

They will also be performing at Exeter Quay shanty festival on September 10, and Teignmouth Pride Festival on September 11.