With the ‘Cost of Living‘ crisis biting councillors on Teignmouth Town Council want to look at enabling a Community Energy scheme for Teignmouth to help local people and businesses.

‘Community Energy’ refers to the delivery of locally generated renewable energy.

Revenue from selling the energy would be used to maintain the equipment, pay back the loan, provide a modest return to investors and establish a community fund for the town council, that can be used to provide grants to community groups.

Cllr Richard Ash said: ‘Community Energy projects keep money in the local economy, reduce carbon emissions, increase our energy security and help address ‘fuel poverty’ - especially at a time when households and local businesses are facing massive increases in energy costs.’

Cllr David Cox said: ‘I believe the town council’s borrowing powers could help finance the purchasing of equipment, for example, solar panels or a ground source heat pump.

‘Funds could also be raised through a share offer which enables local people to own part of the installation.”

The matter will be discussed at the February meeting of the town council.

Cllr Andrew Henderson said: ‘I know many families suffering, as a town council we need to do everything we can to help.’