IN a recent resolution, to highlight awareness of environmental impact and climate change, Exeter City Council voted to transition to plant-based catering at internal meetings, much to the dismay of local farmers, including many from the Exeter area.

The British Farming Union (BFU), which raised many concerns about the Exeter City Council plan, recently made contact with Exeter City Council.

Today, Sunday, March 5, the BFU issued a statement in which it states: "The BFU have made contact with Exeter Council, explained that published figures for livestock 'emissions' only consider the 'emission' of carbon, and does not take into account the captured (photosynthesised) carbon in the livestock system.

"Nor does it take account of the excellent sequestration qualities of British grasslands. 

"The BFU explained how British livestock systems utilise millions of tonnes of waste by-products from the human food industry, and how livestock turn this into efficient and sustainable high quality protein, rich in iron and vitamin B12.

"The BFU have called on Exeter Council to amend their motion to promote the use of local, sustainable, British meat and dairy, and understand the difference between this and imported foods.

"Exeter Council have now agreed to look again at the issue, and BFU have invited them to come out to Devon farms and see for themselves some sustainable and local food production."

Exeter City Council has yet to comment further regarding this latest development.