DEVON has a new author: Jim Marshall, 84, has always been fascinated by the English Civil war. In March he published his first book ‘A Shameful War’ and hopes to release a series following the same characters.

‘It’s all about the people of Bovey Tracey and the relationships of families and people coping with what was going on around them. People who lived and had to contend with what was going on.’

Jims’ love for Devon inspired the setting of the book, specifically focusing on fictional Devonian locals and their stories, based on the truth of the War.

He moved to Devon eighteen years ago for his retirement and loves it here, Dartmoor being one of his favourite places. However, his first experience of Devon was many years prior.

‘I spent 6 years in the army and some of the time we were at Okehampton camp, bringing those who showed signs of leadership. We’d take them out on the moor, give them a compass and see them in two days.

‘Since then, I’ve always wanted to live in a Devon village, it’s gorgeous.

Jim is no stranger to war; he was born exactly sixmonths -to the day- before WW2.

‘We were bombed out twice, the first six years of my life I was a child living through war. I remember in 1945, suddenly all the lights came on people were dancing in the streets. I couldn’t understand it, I had never experienced peace, war to me was life. It has inspired my fascination for history.

‘I’ve seen so many wars, you see them on television, and they count the casualties, that’s not a number, those are people. They had their likes, their dislikes, their loves and hates, that all seems to get lost. With this book, in a way, I’m trying to readdress the balance.’

Jim mulled over the possibility of writing this book for a while. He said this book is a culmination of a lifelong ambition, and something he has wanted to do for a while.

‘There is a book in all of us.’

Copies of A Shamful War can be obtained at Amazon.