WITH flowers aplenty, Poppy Scott celebrated her 105th birthday last Saturday, June 11.

An avid violin player in years past, Poppy, whose Christian name is Iris, was joined by family for a buffet style lunch in her home in Bishopsteignton to mark the occasion.

Born in the East End of London in 1917, Poppy lived in Harrow for a time before moving to Somerset in 1970’s and the finally to Devon where she has been residing for the past 30 years or so, finding a place first in Teignmouth before settling in Bishopsteignton.

Poppy worked as a secretary and personal assistant for various persons over the years including the owner of Dunster castle, typing letters for him in the grand building.

The nickname ‘Poppy’ came about from when she was a baby during the First World War; a flu epidemic was rampant at the time, claiming the lives of many, but Poppy was very fit and strong.

Upon returning from the Front Poppy’s uncle saw her for the first time, kicking her legs with gusto, leading to him to remark that she reminded him of a popgun and so her nickname became pop and, over time, developed into Poppy.

Kenna Loft, Poppy’s daughter, said: ‘It was lovely day, we had family around for a buffet lunch and mum got lots of flowers from various relatives.

Alongside playing the violin with her sisters, who played the cello, Poppy was also a keen crafter, with a particular affinity for crochet.

‘Mum was also very, very good at handy crafts, she used to make all or clothes on the sewing machine as well ass knitting and then later on she developed a real skill for crochet .

‘She was a member of the croquet group in Dawlish - I think lots of people were inspired to give crochet a go because of mum and even recently one of mum’s carers has taken up crochet because she’d seen all the lovely work mum had done in the past.’