A TEIGNBRIDGE Town Council Chudleigh Town Council are working with Devon & Cornwall Police to reduce excessive speeding in the town.

As part of that campaign the authority would like to construct a small team of volunteers to go out into the community using a speed “gun” to measure speeds.

Potential volunteers are required to undertake an online multiple choice test.

It requires an 80 per cent test score to pass.

However, do not despair!

Those looking to get involved can take the test as many times as needed to achieve the pass score.

Once volunteers have passed the test the police will undertake a basic vetting process to make sure the volunteer is a fit and a proper person to undertake the role.

Once the council have compiled a team of five or six volunteers it will register the locations it wants to monitor with the police.

One of their officers will inspect the locations proposed to make sure they are safe.

A team of three volunteers will then carry out a speed check operation: one person will operate the speed gun while the others record the make and model of the vehicle, the speed recorded on the gun and the time of the observation.

The data will then be given to the police to check such things as whether the make of car matches to the registration.

Chudleigh Town Council don’t expect the time commitment for volunteers to be particularly onerous; the council only intend to carry out a speed check around once a month.

For those interested in getting involved, email Town Clerk, John Carlton, on [email protected] or via the telephone on 01626 853140