AWARD-WINNING Teignmouth artist and author Laura Wall is seeing her creations come to life on stage as a musical featuring birdwatcher and former Goodie Bill Oddie. 

Laura Wall with Goose
(MDA )

Her children’s book series Goose has been adapted as a stage show and will be coming to Teignmouth Pavilions. 

Talegate Theatre is touring the UK with the show which is described as a ‘charming’ musical adventure. 

Bill Oddie has recorded the narration for the show which is based on Laura’s characters. 

Laura, who has a gallery in the art quarter in Teignmouth, says she is excited to see the show in her home town over the Easter weekend which has proved so popular, an extra show has been added. 

She said: ‘I never could have dreamed how something I created could be so accurately and beautifully depicted on stage in such a wonderful production. 'TaleGate have really captured the essence of my characters - they’re exactly how I always imagined.’

Audiences will join Sophie (Hayley Everitt) and her newfound friend, Goose (Tommy Murray), on an journey filled with laughter, friendship, and plenty of honks.

Laura’s illustrations have been brought to life live on stage for children under five in this interactive production. 

Full of audience participation and original songs by Liz Carney-Marsh, ‘Goose’ offers an immersive theatre for the family. 

Artistic Director of TaleGate Theatre, James Worthington, emphasised the importance of introducing children to theatre from a young age: He said: ‘Now more than ever it is vitally important to introduce children to theatre from a young age. 

‘What better way to do that than with these loveable characters created by Laura Wall. 

‘Families will already be familiar with the books which helps the confidence of young people when they enter the space. 

‘Childre, and their grown ups, will be able to play, jump, sing and interact with this show at their own level. 

‘Everything in this musical is designed for the under fives, durable, playable and fun.’

The show is at Teignmouth Pavilion on March 30.