ITEMS discarded incorrectly and in an unsuitable location, otherwise known as litter, is a phenomenon which plagues many a town, not least Newton Abbot.

All is not lost, however, as the Tidy Town team, consisting, at present, of the dynamic duo of councillors Alex Hall and Mike Joyce, were out in force this past week.

With litter picking tools in hand, the pair started the day at St Leonard’s clock tower, before working their way toward the Cattle Market and then on to the service yard along Bearne’s Lane, which is an area where much litter can be found, despite the efforts of Alex and Mike.

‘My concern is people draw up here in coaches to come and visit our town and what do they see? That doesn’t give a good impression,’ Cllr Joyce said.

To round out the day, the Tidy Town team walked through town and rewarded themselves with a coffee, kindly supplied them by the Clock Tower Cafe.

Contact the town council to join the Tidy Town scheme.