A CAT has been left paralysed after an unidentified person shot her in the spine with an air rifle.

It’s still touch-and-go for Missy, a Tortoiseshell moggy, who the vets say may not make it. She is receiving physio from ‘the amazing’ team at Milestone vets, Kingsteignton, but may never walk again after being shot on July 12. 

Distraught owner Sharleen Squires has reluctantly set up a Go-fund-me page after being told her pet insurance would only go so far in covering the vets bills. Sharleen felt she had no choice as she wanted the ‘best possible life’ for her much-loved pet. 

Sharleen said there had been ‘some’ glimmers of progress, she said: ‘She can now go to the toilet on her own, but sadly she doesn’t know she’s doing it.

‘It seems her brain isn’t telling her she needs the litter tray. So we have covered our lounge in plastic sheeting and puppy pads so she is able to have a little freedom, and then clean up behind her. It’s very upsetting seeing her like this and I’m constantly bursting into tears as I feel so sorry for her. 

‘She loves being outside, so she drags herself to the door and cries – it’s heartbreaking.

‘I don’t know if she’s going to get better, it’s down to giving her time.

‘I’m still trying to be as positive as possible, however seeing her like this, I just don’t know if she is going to recover.’

A spokesperson for Devon and Cornwall Police confirmed they were in the loop, adding: ‘We received a report that a pet cat had been injured and needed veterinary treatment after being shot with an rifle in the Haccombe area between noon and 12.45pm on Monday July 12. 

‘Anyone with information is asked to call police on 101, or email [email protected], quoting crime reference CR/059330/21.’

To chip-in for Missy’s treatment, please visit: Go-fund-me .com and search: ‘Missys recovery fund’.